Friday 25 October 2013


One of the interesting items of information that Jean Hunter, a former neighbour of the MacLauchlans during her teen and pre-teen years in Calgary, gave us relates to her time as Administrator of the Victoria Symphony during the 1970s. She recalled that the bookkeeper of that organization was married to a grandson of Dr. Robert Henry MacLauchlan. The grandson’s name was Brett MacLauchlan.

We are eager to receive contact from Mr Brett MacLauchlan because we think he may know anecdotes relating to his grandfather’s life, which involved procuring abortions in Calgary during the 1940s and early 1950s, trafficking in narcotics as early as 1938 (according to the New Westminster press reports at the time of his murder in 1966), bootlegging in Calgary in the late 1940s, and, finally, being bumped off by a West Coast drug organization in 1966.

Would anyone knowing Brett MacLauchlan or any of his offspring please contact us through this website.

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