Thursday 10 October 2013

Historic Columbia Street ablaze

The 600 block Columbia Street was ablaze about 3:30 AM this morning with the iconic Copps Shoes  (H L Lewis) building burning out od control.  The fire has wiped out the Bridal Shop which had moved into the space Copps Shoes had vacated, a Restaurant, Barber shop and most likely my favour store which was in the basement on Front Street. Montgomery & Fritzgralds an antique store where I bought books and baseball memorabilia.  The building collapsed within 45 minutes of the fire being discouvered.
Many businesses have been affected by smoke and water.
Rumors say there were propane tanks on the roof possibly from work being done on the roof.  But it is too early to say how the fire started.  These are building built around 1904 thus made mainly of wood. Owner Terry Brine says a roofing company was putting a new roof on the lower building.

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