Friday 17 April 2015


The blog that Ken McIntosh and I have created to popularize, and to attract comment and support about our research toward our book on the murder of Dr Robert Henry MacLauchlan and his wife Margaret Ann on March 21, 1966 in New Westminster, BC has now been in existence since October 2013 – nearly 18 months. During that time, we have attracted a certain amount of attention on the Internet and our total numbers of page visitors approaches a few thousand. From that few thousand viewers we have received several dozen queries and tips, which have led us further into our story.
Ken and I always expected to get most of our viewers from the United States and Canada. After all, the Mafia-linked murders of which we are writing took place in Canada and, during the time they occurred, many of the criminal organizations that were thought to be responsible had their centres of influence in the United States. So when our statistics began to show that nearly 90% of visitors to our site were from Canada and the USA, we were not surprised. 
What has been surprising are the rather significant numbers of visitors from other countries in Western Europe (Germany, France and the United Kingdom), Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Romania and Ukraine), Asia (Taiwan) and even Oceania (Australia). Several hundred of our regular visitors come from these four geographic areas. This particular blog is addressed to them: we would like to know what led you to our website, what you find interesting (or not) about it, and if there is anything you would like to know about the MacLauchlan Murders that Ken and I have not mentioned. Feel free to drop us an email. Our contact information is listed on our home page.

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